Lowes Coupon code


How to Download your Lowes Coupon: After Successful Payment, Please go to My Account Page & Click on downloads, there you will have all your coupons ready to download instantly.

How to pay for Lowes Coupon:

Lowes promo code is very popular coupon now a days. You can Buy Your lowes Coupon at Our Site by using PAYPAL / VISA / MASTER / AMERICAN EXPRESS. PAYPAL Account Holders can pay with the Option “Checkout with PAYPAL”. If You Do Not Have a PAYPAL Account then can pay with Your Credit / Debit Card by Entering the Card Details on PAYPAL’S “Checkout” Page as a guest User without Creating a PayPal Account.

  • “Bar Code promotion could not be processed” or “Promotion could not be processed” and “Error 500”means Lowes IT is doing site maintenance or fixes in the background, and nothing can be processed properly at that time. Hold your purchase to avoid even more check out processing errors. This is NOT a Coupon Error. It’s a Site/System Error. Be Patient.
  • Daily Maintenance: Lowes tends to do site maintenance and fix around midnight PST, sometimes 9 AM morning avg 15 minutes (longer sometimes). Site gets buggy, error 500 messages, empty cart, or “Bar code promotion could not be processed,” etc. Avoid making purchases, wait 15 – 30 minutes, refresh page and retry. *Saturday nights usually has earlier maintenance time around 11:00 PM EST.*
  • Big Update or Major System Error:Every once in a while Lowes does this big maintenance or have issue with their site that will take more than 30 minutes to do – can be a whole day or days. Usually before a big sale season like Christmas year end sale, Black Friday and Spring Black Friday sales, lots of sale items going in and out. Lowes site will take a bit more time to update their site, unlike the small daily sale changes if any. Major Site/System Error is more regarding their main computer, which connects to not only us but also to the stores, not processing properly.
  • “Only apply one Lowes Coupon code per order” message is when you open 2 cart windows/tabs and enter different codes in each, or when your cart hasn’t completely cleared the previous coupon code that was entered before you enter a new one. Just refresh your cart/clear cache/browser and all’s good.3. Even if you have an account with Lowe’s, always check out as guest to avoid check out errors (i.e. error 237) and also clear your browser’s cache, reset browsers always help. A little bit more work but save a lot of headache that even Lowe’s IT won’t be able to help at times.***4. “Redeemed codes” are used but still Lowes Coupon code. They can both be used valid codes from currently active ID/sig codes or expired ID/sig codes. Redeemed codes are NOT invalid codes from invalid ID/sigs.5. “Invalid Codes Entered” means you’ve entered:
  • Codes that are not 15 digits.

    b. Codes that are not numbers.
    c. Codes that are with valid ID/sig codes, but out of valid Range.
    d. Or Codes that are with invalid ID/sig.
    Check the error message to see what you’ve entered incorrectly.

  • “Promotion not available at this time” messages are for Lowes Coupon code from Valid but Expired ID/sigs or from not yet active but in rotation coupon ID/sigs.
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